Litter pick no. 8 – 1.5 hours

It was decided fairly early on in the year that September would be our last pick of the year due to the unpredictability of UK weather, especially in the winter months.

There were seven of us involved this time and I was delighted to be joined by two of our local residents, and one of those had joined us before (only the second time we have had a repeat volunteer that was not one of our friends).

It was encouraging to see that the areas we have regularly visited are much improved and it will be interesting to see what things are like when we start up again in March.  At the moment, foliage is still lush and full and it is likely there will be litter hidden amongst that will become visible in early spring.

It was very pleasing and heartening to be greeted and thanked by passers by as we worked.  More people than usual either just thanked us as they went passed or stopped and chatted a little.


The tally of bags at the end of our hour and a half was 13 bags of which 8 were general waste, 4 recycling and 1 full of glass.  Best finds – two pairs of shoes, part of a shopping trolley and a rubber seal of some sort.

So the final amount of bags at the end of 8 sessions of litter picking was a staggering 97.  As has been said before – that is 97 bags that would still be on the streets, looking awful and possibly harming wildlife.

My hearfelt thanks go to all the amazing volunteers who have helped us this year.  We could not have done it without you and hope to see you again in March 2020.





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