Litter pick no. 5

Well, these months come around so quickly!

A quick post this time as there wasn’t much to report.

The day of our fifth litter pick was bright, sunny and very hot.  In fact, it turned into the hottest day of the year so far for us, so we spent much of the time shade hopping.

There were only 5 of us for this litter pick but that didn’t worry us too much.  John and I decided when we started this that we would pick regardless of how many people came and joined us.  With the summer fast approaching there will be holidays and gardening to do so we expect the numbers to be variable.

The monthly litter pick is keeping the roads near us relatively tidy, but fly-tipping in the area seems to be increasing. That is alarming and puzzling to me as we have an excellent waste and recycling centre very near to us.  The facility is free and easy to access; in fact there are people there to assist you with the rubbish so dumping it on the roads is actually harder than taking it to the proper place…….very strange.

We picked an amazing 13 bags of rubbish between us.  Of that, 2 bags were recycling and 1 bag was glass.


Best find?

Cinderella and Wallace

Cinderella’s glass slipper? A tiny Wallace of Wallace and Gromit.

I often wonder of the story of the ‘one shoe’ one often sees lying on the street.  I can just about understand removing both shoes because they are uncomfortable, but one?  Really uncomfortable walking with just one shoe, surely more uncomfortable even than no shoes………..?  I’ll never know.

We also found a large broken spirit level, a carpet grab rail and a couple of socks (not a pair of course).

Next litter pick is Saturday 6th July

Poster April - Sept 2019

N.B. Any of you checking the No. of hours so far page on this site will notice that this post takes me to 60.5 hours (cue fanfare!).  Nevertheless Gift of Time will continue, but it’s great to know that I have met my target so soon.











7 thoughts on “Litter pick no. 5

  1. Congratulations on hitting the target so quickly.

    I suspect the flytippers are businesses who would have to pay to have the waste removed or to be allowed to take it to the tip.


  2. Excellent news Portia. Congratulations on reaching your target so quickly. I am now curious to find out what your final hours count will be. I hope that you are getting enjoyment and satisfaction from this fabulous project. Keep us informed.


    1. Thank you Angie! I am having such a wonderful year, this project is giving me the opportunities I’d hoped and some lovely rewards in friendship and experiences x


  3. Our village beach cleaners always have an eye out for strange finds. We did once find the credit card that the niece of one of the volunteers had lost several months before.


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