Litter pick no. 4 – 0 hours

I was missing from the litter pick for the month of May as I was volunteering at the Leonardo da Vinci day at the Art gallery.

It did still go ahead with my husband John taking the lead for me and they had eight people in all picking 15 bags of rubbish.


The above photographs show just a few of our enthusiastic volunteers.  The best finds this month were half a football, a kitchen sponge and a tiny pair of sunglasses  (we assumed belonged to a Barbie type doll).  In addition they did find another supermarket basket but that, as with the previous month’s basket, was taken from our garden before it could be picked up by the council……odd.

Sadly a little corner of our road which has an electric substation on it, seems to be attracting the attentions of a flytipper.

The photographs show the before and after of our March litter pick……….


………and this month’s ‘after’ photo.

Flytipping by business park

The council have been informed and they did pick up the rubbish for us so it is looking well again.

It may be interesting to note the administration for a litter pick such as ours.  Although I  have not claimed any hours this month for the pick itself, I did all the administration for it as usual.

Here are some of the things I do before and after a pick which may be of use if anyone out there is considering setting one up themselves.

After we have had a pick it is time for me to put a new event up on and Keep Britain Tidy websites.  To date we have only had one volunteer come through these sites, but it is where I looked when I was searching for a local litter pick so I am hopeful that we will get more volunteers this way.  The sites also give us an opportunity to add the number of bags each month and upload photographs of the volunteers and the bags.  To date we have picked 49 bags of rubbish.

About two weeks before a pick I send a copy of our poster to the local church and school.  This gives them the chance to put this on their respective Facebook pages and make an announcement in either assembly or service.

Poster April - Sept 2019

Both organisations have already received this of course, but it serves as a reminder that it is coming up again.

The week of the pick I put up a post of Facebook and share it with two local community pages.  We have had much interest and several volunteers by doing this so it is by far the best way of getting the message out there.  I also email our list of friends who have been stalwart in supporting our efforts with this.

After the pick, I put together another Facebook post giving details of the numbers of bags collected and thanking everyone who took part.  There is always lots of likes to this and many comments of ‘thanks’ and ‘well done’ which is pleasant to see.

All the above takes about 1.5 hours a month – not too bad and the results are definitely worth it.



















6 thoughts on “Litter pick no. 4 – 0 hours

  1. I was at our village weekly beach clean this morning. After months of very little washing in on the tide, we had lots to pick up this morning, which perversely made us all happy. See how useful we are? Isn’t it wonderful?


    1. Oh, well done indeed! It is so satisfying to collect all that rubbish and know that is ‘x’ number bags that is not littering our space. Great stuff Ellen


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