Litter pick no. 2 – 2 hours

Before we even got to our second litter pick, I had some heartening news – we are not alone!  There is another litter picking group that goes on once a month around the area of Shirley (St James Park etc.) and has been for some time.

I learnt of this as I was trying to think of other ways to inform people of our group and came across some pages for our local area.  One of them informed me of this other group, I got in contact with the leader and had a really great chat on the phone with her.  She was encouraging and generous with advice and suggestions.  As her group meets on the second Saturday of the month, I decided to change our group’s meet to the first Saturday of the month so that if people want to do both they can.  She has a poster printed with all the dates of the meet on it, so I decided to do the same.

Poster April - Sept 2019

I noted that her group meets at the same place each month and picks for a half an hour longer.  I decided this was a good plan – it means you have time to walk a fair way away and still have an hour to pick there but everyone knows where to meet each month, worth a try.  She also suggested that we print a credit card sized handout with just contact details on it for people who ask  pickers for more info.  You can carry this in your wallet and hand it out immediately to interested parties -another great idea.

Sally’s group meets at Shirley Parish Hall (Colebrook Avenue) on the second Saturday of the month at 10am.

Back to our litter pick.  Eight wonderful people arrived at the meet point to pick so that was ten in all.  We had several teams covering different areas and this time there was a huge amount of general waste and recycling and not as much glass.  We were grateful for this as glass get heavy very quickly.

This is what some of the areas looked like before we started………







Litter picking is surpringly satisfying, it’s that feeling of cleaning up, and you can immediately see the results of your work.

Before we knew it we were out of time and needed to get all the bags back to the car.  We also needed to go some way to find our helpers as it is very easy to just keep walking and go where the litter takes you!

Meeting back at the house with all our bags was really gratifying.


Best find?

A set of plastic duck decoys…………..


………………..wonder what the story behind that is?

Second best find was a pair of trousers – ditto!

Here are pictures of our haul….

Five bags of recycling
Four bags of glass
General waste
Ten bags of general waste

This means that each of us picked a bag of general waste each …….

And there’s more.  Here is what we couldn’t/wouldn’t pick up but SCC will……….

Dumped bedding
Rucksack and bedding


By electricity substation


Butane gas canisters

So there you have it.  A good morning of litter picking.

Now, if we could only stop people dropping it……………….




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