Southampton Cultural Services – initial enquiry and registration-2 hour

As a result of my visit to Southampton Voluntary Services, I contacted Southampton City Council’s Cultural Services to ask about volunteering with them, and I thought the process might be of interest.

I heard fairly quickly from the volunteer co-ordinator sending me a registration form to complete.

The form was not long; it was well laid out,  listing opportunities of interest and asking for your availability.  There is space to write about your experience, qualifications and why you are interested in volunteering with Southampton Cultural Services.  It also asked for two referees, and there was a section on health issues and information about DBS checks.

I completed the form, scanned it and sent it back.  I was contacted again by email to arrange a time to go and meet the volunteer co-ordinator, and this meeting was at Tudor House museum.

Sitting in the cafe at the museum, we chatted more about the sort of volunteering I was interested in.  I was concerned that they might only want regular volunteers, but there are plenty of ‘event’ opportunities which come up and this fitted into what I was interested in for GoT.  Once you are registered, you receive a newsletter informing you of various events that are coming up, you decide which one(s) you are interested in and sign up.   I was delighted as I really want to try and do as many different things as possible during this year.

The volunteer co-ordinator gave me a handbook with all the information I would need, together with contact phone numbers, opportunities for training, what is expected from volunteers, what the dress code is – all in all everything you might need to know.

When I got home, I had the link sent to me for an online DBS check.  I am just waiting now to take my ID documents to show to the co-ordinator and that will be complete.

I was also sent the link to the events information.  I immediately signed up to help on the DaVinci day at Southampton Art Gallery in May.  If you are local and haven’t seen this marvellous exhibition of DaVinci’s drawings I absolutely recommend it.

So interesting to know about this side of the Cultural Services.  Volunteers obviously play a large part in helping  in all kinds of museums and events in the city.  The events in particular give employed people the chance to volunteer as well as some of these happen at weekends.






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