Finding volunteering opportunities -Southampton Voluntary Services 1 hour

Just a quick post this week.  I thought it might be useful/interesting to talk about how I have been finding volunteering opportunities.

My first few blog posts came about from friends who had ideas themselves or knew of things/events that were going on.  This either put me in direct contact with an event, or got me thinking about other things that might need doing.  Going along to the Nursling and Rownhams litter pick was an example.  Having joined a litter picking group that was already set up, I then started to think about looking for a local event and from there, to setting up my own event locally.

Southampton Voluntary Services, is a central point for many volunteering opportunities.  I knew about the service but not in any great detail, so I looked on their website. I was pleased to see that the website is clear, informative and easy to navigate althought specific volunteering opportunites are not listed there, they ask you to sign up for a newsletter to receive those.  You can also sign up to volunteer online.

They have a casual drop in at the centre on a Thursday and a late night drop-in centre at the Central Library from time to time.  Details of the next one are on the website.  If neither is an option you can contact them by phone or email.

I decided to go along to the Thursday drop in at the centre.  I had in mind that this might be people just dropping in, having a look at leaflets, chatting a bit and then going away to look on the website.  In actual fact, it was more organised and helpful.

I arrived at reception and was given a short form to complete, I then went into a room to chat with the co-ordinator.  We talked briefly about what I was interested in and my skills and then she went through the opportunities with me, showing me the newsletter and highlighted certain things she thought I would be interested in.  She gave me email addresses to contact and told me to give it two weeks or so for the various organisations to get back to me, but if I didn’t hear, then I was to contact her to let her know. I imagine that is on of the ways they keep their list up to date as she would contact them to make sure they are still looking for volunteers.

I contacted two organisations as a result of my visit to SVS and also signed up for their newsletter.  Great resource.




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