Setting up a litter picking group – part two – 1 hour

Just a quick post this week to bring you up to date on the litter picking group we are setting up.

The next time I emailed Southampton City Council, I asked for any guidelines they had for litter picking groups.  Using a combination of their guidelines and  online searches, I put together a flyer/poster to circulate.

Here it is:-poster

Each time I will add when and where to the poster, but I wanted  to get SCC’s approval on it generally.  From their reply, they seem very pleased with it, and so I was happy to go ahead.

Next question was where and how to recruit helpers.  I decided not to just send out a general request to one and all and there were a couple of reasons for this.

First of all, SCC can lend us equipment, but they need to have a couple of weeks notice to organise this, so we need to know how many people we will have.  As the poster says – you cannot litter pick without grabbers (everyone must supply their own gloves).

Secondly,  we wanted this to be a positive event, and it seemed sensible to have some control over who would come, so I thought I would ask the local anglican church, Christchurch Freemantle. As it happens, John and I have connections with this church – we have a dear friend who is a retired vicar and goes to the church, we carol sing in pubs with them at Christmas and some of John’s family are members.

After contacting them, they were extremely positive and encouraging.  They used to organise their own litter picking group, but the person who organised it left, and no one had taken it over.   They will read it out in church notices, put it on their Facebook page and encourage people to come, they will also give us a rough idea of numbers.

So – that’s it.  SCC will deliver 10 grabbers and hi -vis jackets to our house together with bags, and our first litter pick takes place on 9th February.

Wish us luck.

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