Soup cafe 3 hours

I have been lucky enough to perform at Cadnam Methodist church twice over the last five years and have been welcomed and encouraged by everyone there. It is always a joy to go there and when my dear friend Julia suggested I help her with the Soup Cafe that takes place once a month, I jumped at the chance, and not just because I love feeding people!
Julia had done the hard work by preparing two batches of soup (parsnip and chunky vegetable) and when I arrived at her house she had already loaded her car and we were soon on our way to the church.
Cadnam Methodist church is a small chapel like building tucked away behind the White Horse pub at Cadnam and you really wouldn’t know it was there until you were right outside. Inside it is welcoming and beautifully maintained with room for around 80-100 people. It has a well appointed community space behind the church which can be accessed either through the church itself or, as we entered today, around the side.

Cadnam 1
We set up four trestle tables with tablecloths and placed a small poinsettia plant in the centre of each, together with water, glasses, plates, cutlery and salt and pepper. We added 6 chairs around each table and the end result was very Christmassy and inviting.

Cadnam 3
When Francoise arrived she added broccoli soup to the menu and, around 12.30, the room started to fill up.

Cadnam 2
Soon every seat was filled and the three of us were pretty busy taking orders, serving soup, keeping the bread baskets topped up, and chatting away to everyone. Such a lovely atmosphere and a lovely way to spend an afternoon.
As it was the last soup cafe before Xmas, we warmed up and served mince pies and sang carols (with music provided by Howard and his accordion). Clearing up went on all through lunch and with added help from those who could, we were cleared away by 2.30
I understand there are several similar schemes run at various churches in the area and it is such a great idea.  Well done to all who are involved.

8 thoughts on “Soup cafe 3 hours

  1. What a lovely thing to do Portia and I’m certain you derived as much pleasure giving of your time and self as those who received the food and fellowship x x x


    1. Thank you for your comment Lydia. Yes, there are many good and helpful things that go on quietly in our communities. I am really hoping this year will show me more of them. Hope you have a good holiday season


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