Litter picking in Rownhams 1 hour

My first GoT hour was spent litter picking at Nursling and Rownhams. This suggestion was made by a singing friend.

On a bright and sunny autumn morning in November, armed with gloves and wearing our walking boots (both recommended), we parked at St John’s Glebe and met on the corner of Bakers Drove and Rownhams Lane. No time for many introductions, but the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming.  We were issued with hi-vis jackets, litter pickers (grabbers), a bag for recycling, one for glass and one for general rubbish.   The organiser outlined the various areas to be covered and then we divided into teams and decided which area we would work on.  Myself, J (my husband) and a local lady joined forces and  searched the leaves and verges for an hour.

Not much litter at all at first which was (absurdly) disappointing. However, my first bit of litter – a tiny receipt, was excitedly received into the general rubbish bag. The large number of leaves on the ground meant that we had an excellent excuse for leaf kicking, something I have always enjoyed since childhood.  As I chatted with our new friend, she told me about the gardens opposite Town Quay which have volunteers helping on a Sunday morning-another opportunity for GoT, perhaps? It would be the first one in Southampton.

When we met back at the organiser’s car, we had a small amount each of general waste and recycling, three empty vodka bottles (which J found) and a sand bag clearly left over from weighting a road sign. Some of the items found by others was a car seat (bottom half only), four car tyres, and a small wheeled suitcase. The organiser then took it all to the local waste recycling centre.

3.11.18 076

There is a litter pick meet in Rownhams on the first Saturday in the month between 10-11.

An hour is a very small amount of time to give to ensure an area is kept as free from litter as possible. Out in the fresh air, meeting new people and doing something worthwhile,  gave us a great feeling of satisfaction. We both really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again.

6 thoughts on “Litter picking in Rownhams 1 hour

  1. Well I was there! Litter picking was great fun – didn’t even have to get an ASBO! So exciting when I spotted some really good litter on the other side of the road.


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