The gift of time

I will be 60 next year. Wow, that seems an extraordinary thing to say, but it is true.  This blog is about the project I have decided to work on to celebrate those years.

I knew I wanted to do something out of the ordinary during this year.  I am sure that my husband, family and friends will want to celebrate the actual event with me and I look forward to that, but I wanted to do something over the whole year.

It struck me that at this time in my life, the thing I have most to offer is time.  For a long time the idea for this project just would not take shape and floated around in my mind for several months.  I decided the best thing to do was to go and chat with my lovely (future) daughter-in-law in the hope that talking about it would help solidify things.

I told her that I was thinking of donating 60 hours of my time through the year to good causes.  It would be a great way of meeting new people, having new experiences and finding out about the things that are going on in my local area.   She was really encouraging and immediately came up with ideas that might be appropriate, litter picking, coastal clean ups, volunteering at libraries to name but a few.  Her response to this fired me up further and by the time I got home, the title The Gift of Time had marched solidly into my head.

I emailed a few of my friends telling them about the project and was delighted with  their replies.  They had ideas I hadn’t thought of and keep sending through ideas as they come to their attention.

Some of the hours will be actual volunteering, and some may be time I spend perhaps making things to donate – knitting, sewing or baking. Who knows what the year will bring and I am so looking forward to it.

As my 59th birthday approached in November 2018, I had already got my first GoT hour under my belt.

60 here I come!


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